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Screen Builder Value LineŽ Field Codes

the Value LineŽ fields are entered in the Screen Builder as 3 or 4-letter codes. Over the years, the data from Value LineŽ has changed and many fields are available only for certain years: All of the available fields are listed below, in the same order as the current Value LineŽ data files.
Code  Field Name

cnm   Company Name
tck   Ticker Symbol
ind   Industry
tim   Timeliness Rank
tmch  Tim. Rank Chg
perf  Performance Rank
pfch  Per.Rank Chg
sft   Safety Rank
tch   Technical Rank
bet   Beta
pri   Stock Price
prch  Change
pcch  % Change
time  Time
volu  Volume
ces   Current EPS
esta  EPS Trail 12 Mo
cpe   Current P/E Ratio
rper  Relative P/E Ratio
mper  Median P/E
pela  P/E Trailing 12 Mo
eyta  Earnings Yield Trail 12 Mo
h52   High Price 52-Week
l52   Low Price 52-Week
iadv  Indicated Annual Dividend
dyld  Div'd Yield
mcp   Market Cap $ (Mil)
fyed  Fiscal Year End Date
sls   Reported Annual Sales
slta  Sales Trail 12 Mo
ginc  Gross Income
gmrg  Gross Margin
sgae  SG & A Expenses
oinc  Operating Income
omrg  Operating Margin
depr  Depreciation
orev  Other Income
icbt  Income Before Taxes
nin   Net Income
nita  Net Income Trail 12 Mo
nprm  Profit Margin
npta  Net Profit Margin Trail 12 Mo
csh   Cash
arec  Accounts Receivable
invn  Inventories
ocas  Other Current Assets
tca   Total Current Assets
intg  Intangibles
geqp  Gross Plant
acdp  Accumulated Depreciation
nplt  Net Plant
tas   Total Assets
ddyo  Short-Term Debt
apay  Accounts Payable
ocli  Other Current Liabilities
cli   Total Current Liabilities
wcap  Working Capital
dtax  Deferred Taxes
ltd   Long-Term Debt
peqy  Preferred Equity
ceqy  Common Equity
nwo   Shareholders Equity
tcap  Total Capital
cso   Common Shares Outstanding
cpsp  Capital Spending
cfl   Cash Flow
fcfl  Free Cash Flow
segi  % SG & A to Gross Income
sesl  % SG & A to Sales
itxr  Income Tax Rate
rrev  Return on Sales
pece  Return on Common Equity
enw   Return on Shareholders Equity
peta  Return on Total Assets
prlq  Return on Total Assets Latest Qtr
petc  Return on Total Capital
rce   % Retained to Common Equity
dvpo  Dividend Payout
dita  % All Divs/net Inc Trail 12 mo
crlq  Current Ratio Latest Qtr
qrlq  Quick Ratio Latest Qtr
ltdr  % LTD/capital
lclq  % LTD/capital Latest Qtr
dpc   % Debt/capital Latest Qtr
nwta  % Shr Equity to Total Assets
ceqr  % Common Equity/capital
vrlq  ROE Latest Qtr
slps  Sales per share
cfps  Cash Flow per share
wash  Avg Basic Shares
adsh  Avg Diluted Shares
epsx  Basic Earn P/sh
deps  Diluted Earn P/sh
ddps  Div'ds Declared per share
bvs   Book Value per share
csps  Capl Spending per share
prsr  Price/sales Ratio
pflq  % FCF/price Latest Qtr
aper  Avg Annual P/E Ratio
aady  Avg Annual Dividend Yield
pbvq  Price to Book Value Qtr
pbv   Price To Book Value
easl  Est Annual Sales
eopm  Est Operating Margin
edep  Est Depreciation
enbt  Est Net Before Taxes
etxr  Est Tax Rate
enat  Est Net After Taxes
eprm  Est Profit Margin
esps  Est Sales/share
ecfs  Est Cash Flow/share
eecy  Est EPS Current Fiscal Year
eeny  Est EPS Next Fiscal Year
edps  Est Dividends/share
ebvs  Est Book Value/share
eltd  Est Long-Term Debt
enwo  Est Shareholders Equity
ertc  Est Return on Total Capital
eenw  Est Return on Shareholders Equity
slg1  Sales Growth 1-Year
slg5  Sales Growth 5-Year
slgt  Sales Growth 10-Year
cfg1  Cash Flow Growth 1-Year
cfg5  Cash Flow Growth 5-Year
cfgt  Cash Flow Growth 10-Year
esg1  EPS Growth 1-Year
eg5   EPS Growth 5-Year
esgt  EPS Growth 10-Year
dvg1  Dividend Growth 1-Year
dg5   Dividend Growth 5-Year
dvgt  Dividend Growth 10-Year
bvg1  Book Value Growth 1-Year
bg5   Book Value Growth 5-Year

Code  Field Name

bvgt  Book Value Growth 10-Year
qted  Quarter End Date
sllq  Sales Latest Qtr
dplq  Depreciation Latest Qtr
nilq  Net Income Latest Qtr
etlq  EPS 10Q Latest Qtr
dvlq  Dividend Latest Qtr
inlq  Inventories Latest Qtr
calq  Current Assets Latest Qtr
cslq  Curr Assets/share Latest Qtr
cllq  Current Liabilities Latest Qtr
ldlq  Long-Term Debt Latest Qtr
pelq  Preferred Equity Latest Qtr
celq  Common Equity Latest Qtr
nwlq  Shareholders Equity Latest Qtr
solq  Common Shares Outstg Latest Qtr
wclq  Working Capital Latest Qtr
gblq  Gross Billings Latest Qtr
tdlq  Total Deposits Latest Qtr
bllq  Bank SL Loans Latest Qtr
bdlq  Bank SL Deposits Latest Qtr
iplq  Insurance Premiums Latest Qtr
loan  Loans
llpv  Loan Loss Provisions
brsv  Benefits and Reserves
fhlb  FHLB Advances
nini  Net Interest Income
niin  Non-interest Income
mlps  Mortgage Loans per share
sdps  Savings Deposits per share
pini  % Interest Income
icgi  % Interest Cost to Gross Income
plta  % Loans to Total Assets
prem  Premiums
inif  Insurance in Force
invi  Investment Income
tpps  Total Premiums per share
uips  Underwriting Inc per share
iips  Investment Inc per share
pepw  % Expense to Premiums Written
plpe  % Loss to Premiums Earned
pcom  % Commissions
pinb  % Investment Banking
pptx  % Principal Transactions
porv  % Other Revenue
nsto  Number of Stores
into  Inventory Turnover
pcld  % Price Change Last Trading Day
tr1w  Total Return 1-Week
tr4w  Total Return 4-Week
r13   Total Return 13-Week
r26   Total Return 26-Week
tryd  Total Return YTD
tr1y  Total Return 1-Year
tr3y  Total Return 3-Year
tr5y  Total Return 5-Year
trty  Total Return 10-Year
r1yo  Total Return Last Year
r2yo  Total Return 2 Years Ago
r3yo  Total Return 3 Years Ago
r4yo  Total Return 4 Years Ago
r5yo  Total Return 5 Years Ago
r6yo  Total Return 6 Years Ago
r7yo  Total Return 7 Years Ago
r8yo  Total Return 8 Years Ago
r9yo  Total Return 9 Years Ago
rtyo  Total Return 10 Years Ago
rs1y  Relative Strength 1 Week
rs1m  Relative Strength 1 Month
rs3m  Relative Strength 3 Months
vlld  Volume Last Trading Day
av2w  Avg Trading Volume Last 2 Weeks
av1m  Avg Trading Volume Last Month
av3m  Avg Trading Volume Last 3 Months
av6m  Avg Trading Volume Last 6 Months
av1y  Avg Trading Volume Last Year
liqr  Liquidity Ratio
shin  Short Interest
shir  Short Interest Ratio
bt3y  Beta 3-Year
bt5y  Beta 5-Year
btty  Beta 10-Year
sd3y  Std Dev 3-Year
sd5y  Std Dev 5-Year
sdty  Std Dev 10-Year
mf1d  1 Day Money Flow
mf1w  1 Week Money Flow
mf1m  1 Month Money Flow
elqe  EPS Latest Qtr End Date
eslq  EPS Latest Qtr
e1qa  EPS 1 Qtr Ago
e2qa  EPS 2 Qtrs Ago
e3qa  EPS 3 Qtrs Ago
eey   Est % EPS Chg Fiscal Year
ee1   Est % EPS Chg 1 Qtr Out
ee2   Est % EPS Chg 2 Qtrs Out
elq   % EPS Chg from Last Qtr
eaq   % EPS 12-Month Chg Latest Qtr
erdt  Expected Reporting Date
estb  Est By
ee1q  Est EPS 1st Qtr Out
ee2q  Est EPS 2nd Qtr Out
ee3q  Est EPS 3rd Qtr Out
ee4q  Est EPS 4th Qtr Out
peps  Proj 3-5 Yr EPS
ppa   Proj 3-5 Yr % Price Change
par   Proj 3-5 Yr % Annual Total Return
psgr  Proj Sales Growth Rate
pcfg  Proj Cash Flow Growth Rate
peg   Proj EPS Growth Rate
pdg   Proj Dividend Growth Rate
pbg   Proj Book Value Growth Rate
pper  Proj 3-5 Yr P/E
prpe  Proj 3-5 Yr Relative P/E
prdy  Proj 3-5 Yr Dividend Yield
cdv   Current Dividend
cdy   % Current Yield
epre  Earnings Predictability
fst   Financial Strength
gprs  Growth Persistence
pst   Price Stability Rank
sicc  SIC Code
inn   Industry Name
inr   Industry Rank
opt   Options Listing
pish  % Insider Holdings
pih   % Institutional Holdings
ccfn  Currency Code-Financials
ccpr  Currency Code-Price
domi  Domicile Code
exg   Exchange Code
ispn  IS Page Number
supp  Supplemental Page

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